Speakers from the 2008 event

Speaker Pic Who?
Alex Hartman Alex Hartman

Director of Corporate Development for destra Corporation

Andrew Jenkins Andrew Jenkins

Executive Vice President, International for Universal Music Publishing Group

Andrew Urban Andrew Urban

Specialist film writer and editor of Urban Cinefile.

Andy Cassell Andy-Cassell

Founder and director of Winterman & Goldstein Management, Ivy League Music Publishing and Ivy League Records

Angus McDonald (Sneaky Sound System) Angus McDonald

Chief songwriter/ producer/ music guy for Sneaky Sound System

Art Phillips Art Phillips

President of The Australian Guild of Screen Composers

Brendan Gallagher Brendan Gallagher

Singer/songwriter (Karma County)

Brett Cottle Brett Cottle


Brothablack Brothablack

Indigenous Hip-Hop artist

Caroline Tran Caroline Tran

triple j Presenter

Charles Fisher Charles Fisher

Producer and APRA Award winner (2001 Ted Albert Award)

Chit Chat von Loopin Stab Chit Chat von Loopin Stab

Songwriter/producer (Machine Gun Fellatio)

Chris Neal Chris Neal

Composer/Songwriter,APRA Writer Director

Chris Noonan Chris Noonan

Film Director/Writer/Producer

Clare Bowditch Clare Bowditch


Dallas Frasca Dallas Frasca


Daniel Jones Daniel Jones

Songwriter and Producer

Dann Hume

Evermore singer / songwriter & APRA Silver Scroll winner

Darlene Zschech Darlene Zschech

Singer, songwriter, worship leader and speaker

Dave Arden Dave Arden

Gunditjmara/Googatha Songman

Emile Sherman Emile Sherman

Producer and principal of See-Saw Films

Eric Baptiste Eric Baptiste

Director General of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC)

Eric Chapus
Eric Chapus (Endorphin)

Songwriter, composer, producer & performer (Endorphin)

Eric McCusker Eric McCusker

Performer/Songwriter, APRA Board Member

Francois T├ętaz Francois Tetaz

2006 APRA -AGSC Screen Award Winner for the Score to Wolf Creek

Frank Rodi Frank Rodi

Online & Mobile Licensing Manager at APRA|AMCOS

Garth Porter Garth Porter

Producer, Songwriter & musician

Ian James Ian James

Managing Director of Mushroom Music Publishing

James Mercer James Mercer

The Shins singer/guitarist

Jenny Morris Jenny Morris

Acclaimed singer / songwriter & APRA Board Member

Jeremy Fabinyi Jeremy Fabinyi

Managing Director of Mechanicals at the MCPS-PRS Alliance

Jimmy Webb (USA) Jimmy Webb

American songwriter and orchestrator

Joel Ma (TZU) TZU

Songwriter for Hip-Hop band TZU

John Watson John Watson

Owner/President of John Watson Management and Eleven (music label)

Jon Hume

Evermore singer / songwriter & APRA Silver Scroll winner

Josh Pyke Josh Pyke

2007 ARIA Award winning singer / songwriter

Jules Munro Jules Munro

Senior solicitor at Simpsons

Karl Broadie Karl Broadie


Kate Haddock Kate Haddock

Foundation partner of the Banki Haddock Fiora law firm.

Keith Welsh Keith Welsh

Managing Director: Rough Cut Music Publishing, Co-publisher: The Music Network, General Manager: JWM Productions

Kenny MacPherson Kenny MacPherson

President and Senior Executive of Chrysalis Music North America

KT Ang KT Ang

Regional Director & Regional Counsel of the International CISAC for the Asia-Pacific region

Les Gock Les Gock

Founder of Les Gock Sound Thinking & Song Zu

Lindsay McDougall Lindsay McDougall

triple j Presenter

Lloyd Swanton Lloyd Swanton

Jazz musician, composer and radio presenter

Luke Bevans Luke Bevans

Digital Sales & Marketing Director for Universal Music Australia

Magoo Magoo

Award winning Producer

Mark Grose Mark Grose

Skinny Fish Music

Mark Meharry Mark Meharry

Co-founded Music Glue Ltd

Matt Hutchison Matt Hutchison

Principal consultant for SWAT Enterprises

Matt O'Connor Matt O'Connor

'Song Doctor' and pioneer of The A&R Department

Melanie Horsnell Melanie Horsnell

Solo performer & composer

Michael Dixon Michael Dixon

Manager and co-founder of Kensaltown Records

Myles Lewis Myles Lewis

Senior Director, Writer/Publisher Relations BMI, Los Angeles

Nigel Westlake Nigel Westlake

Composer and previous APRA Award winner

Paul Mac Paul Mac

Electronic composer, songwriter, performer and remixer

Paul Piticco Paul Piticco

Manager, Director of Dew Process Recordings and Promoter

Paul Williams (USA) Paul Williams

American songwriter & screen composer

Peter Karpin Peter Karpin

General Manager A&R / Head of Mercury Records (Universal Music Australia)

Peter Miller Peter Miller

Music producer, sound designer & song composer

Phil Kakulas The Black Eyed Susans

Producer, bassist & songwriter for The Blackeyed Susans

Rai Thistlethwayte Rai Thistlethwayte

Frontman and songwriter for Thirsty Merc

Ralph Murphy Ralph Murphy

ASCAP Vice President International & Domestic, Membership Group

Richard Kingsmill Richard Kingsmill

triple j Music Director

Rick Butterworth Rick Butterworth

Australasian Director of Amphead

Robbie Buck Robbie Buck

triple j Presenter

Rod McCormack Rod McCormack

Country writer, performer & producer

Ronald Mooij Ronald Mooij

General Secretary of BIEM

Sally Howland Sally Howland

APRA Director of Member Services

Sandi Thom Sandi Thom

Solo artist and composer

Scot Morris Scot Morris

Director of International Relations at APRA|AMCOS

Scott Saunders Scott Saunders

Performer and composer in Jazz ensemble DIG

Shelley Reys Shelley Reys

Managing Director of Arrilla - Indigenous Consultants and Services

Stephen Peach Stephen Peach


Steve Porter Steve Porter

Chief Executive of the MCPS-PRS Alliance

Steve Rosser Steve Rosser

Director of Legal and Business Affairs, FremantleMedia Australia Pty Ltd

Todd Brabec Todd Brabec

Executive Vice President and Director of Membership for ASCAP.

Tony George Tony George

Business Development Manager, Austrade's Australian Music Office Los Angeles

Tracee Hutchison Tracee Hutchison

Columnist/author/TV & radio presenter/producer

Tyrone Noonan Tyrone Noonan

Singer/songwriter/composer (George/solo)

Ursula Yovich Ursula Yovich


Vincent Sheehan Vincent Sheehan

Founding partner of Porchlight Films

Wayne Connolly Wayne Connolly

Producer/engineer and musician

Zan Rowe Zan Rowe

triple j Presenter

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