Andrew Urban

With some 35 years experience as a journalist, Andrew has contributed regularly to The Australian, The Bulletin, Cinema Papers, the Qantas inflight magazine in addition to many others. He has managed his own publishing company (one of whose titles was Encore Magazine), and is currently the editor of Urban Cinefile.

As a specialist film writer for some 20 years, Andrew has gained the trust of the film making community and enjoys access to the leaders of the industry.

In 2005, Andrew was invited to present a regular contemporary movie course for Sydney University's Centre for Continuing Education; Movies Now runs for 6 week terms several times a year.

From 1985 to 2004, he was Australian Bureau Chief for the London-based international film industry publications, Screen International and latterly Moving Pictures. In his other capacity, Andrew is the creator/interviewer of Front Up, the prime time program on SBS (1991 - 2004) in which he meets people at random in the streets of Australia and has a conversation about their life experiences.

Andrew took on the task of presenting movies as Channel Host for subscription channel, World Movies, in April 2002, introducing the highlights of each week on Monday nights, and the Sunday Premieres, and presented nearly 900 movies by the time his tenure ended in November 2006.

Andrew Urban

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