Jeremy Fabinyi

Jeremy Fabinyi is the Managing Director of Mechanicals at the MCPS-PRS Alliance in the UK. The Alliance is one of the world's most efficient combined rights collecting operations.

Jeremy has had a wide-ranging career. He started as a radio and TV journalist before the lure of the music business drew him into its web. After a stint in the US and Europe touring with bands and making music videos, he formed Mental Management which looked after the careers of a number of Australian acts including Mental as Anything and The Wiggles. He went on to become CEO of Australasian mechanical rights society AMCOS and music publishing trade body AMPAL, before being recruited as Group Managing Director for Festival Mushroom Records and Festival Music Publishing. 2002 found Jeremy in Paris as Chargé de Mission for International Mechanical Rights Organisation, BIEM, and senior consultant to the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).

He joined the Alliance in 2005 as Executive Director of MCPS.

Jeremy Fabinyi

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