Kere Buchanan

Drummer/ Composer/ Arranger/ Producer Kere Buchanan formed about two years ago the group ‘Back On The Block'. The group performs regularly at various venues around Sydney such as the Basement, and a Jazz Festivals such as The Darling Harbour Jazz Festival and other venues in and around Wollongong, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area. Kere also has another group that performs at venues around Sydney called ‘The Bodacious Cowboys' (The Music of Steely Dan), formed roughly ten years ago

Originally from New Zealand, Kere moved to Australia in 1988. He was working solidly as a session musician and soon started doing sessions and gigs and touring extensively with artists such as Wendy Matthews and Margaret Urlich. In March 1996 he began working with Marcia Hines - he still continues to play in her band today, holds a role as music supervisor.

Since 1999, Kere has also been working as a freelance producer.

Kere Buchanan

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