Mark Meharry

Mark Meharry started his first digital company in 2001; a small London based business responsible for a number of technology solutions for the live music sector from The Hammersmith Apollo and The Barfly chain of venues, to The Great Escape festival and all sorts of things in between.

In 2006 Mark co-founded Music Glue Ltd. in reaction to the lack of response by the music industry to model its business to the changing behavior of both music consumers and artists in the digital landscape.

Fundamental changes affecting the industry are:

  • 95% of all music consumed is done so via file sharing. This percentage is increasing toward 100%
  • The perceived market value of recorded music is tending towards zero.
  • The amount of digital music consumed globally is increasing at an exponential rate.
  • The relationship between the Artist and Fan is now direct. There is no value chain.

The core principles behind Music Glue are:

  • Consumer behavior is never wrong. If an industry fails to monetise consumer behavior, the industry must change or perish
  • Never charge the artist, only charge the consumer (or brands wishing to interact with consumers)
  • Consumers that file share are not thieves (as the recording industry advocates) but are music fans
  • There is no space for any business that operates in the value chain between artist and consumer.
  • There is no such thing as a digital department of a music company. A music company is digital.

Music Glue allows owners of music content (whether digital or physical) to interact with consumers within the new market place, being the world of file sharing, empowering the artist and providing genuine revenue opportunities that can not be accessed via any other service.

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Mark Meharry

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