Rai Thistlethwayte

Thirsty Merc lead singer - the charismatic, curly-haired Rai is a gifted and multi-faceted guitarist and pianist, as well as an almighty vocalist.

Since first bursting onto the national scene back in 2003, the Sydney-based Thirsty Merc have quickly built up a reputation as one of the country's best live acts. Word-of-mouth and hundreds of shows around Australia - and, of course, a swag of great songs - saw the first Thirsty Merc CD spend over a year on the ARIA album charts and end up selling over 120,000 copies.

Almost three years on from the release of Thirsty Merc's much-loved, self-titled debut, 2007 saw the release of their second album ‘Slideshows'.

The core theme throughout ‘Slideshows' is about each of us deciding what's important in an ever-increasingly confusing world. What is real? What do you stand for? What actually matters? Rai tries to explain: “I'm feeling like today, global village, internet, MySpace, YouTube, static, advertising, commercial-meets-fashion-meets… Being busy with that, it's a very busy, cluttered environment. And everyone's got millions of friends and associates, whether it's digital or just out on the town. Whatever it is, everyone's a bit lost in translation. You have to redefine what really does matter to you.”

Musically, as much as Rai hates this description, he genuinely feels Thirsty Merc has matured a lot since recording THIRSTY MERC. Now 26, Rai points out that he was only 21 when he penned songs such as “Emancipate Myself” and “Someday, Someday”.

Rai Thistlethwayte (Thirsty Merc)

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