Ronald Mooij

Born in Amsterdam in 1950, Ronald Mooij became General Secretary of BIEM on 1 may 1994

After completing his studies in marketing, management, economics and law Ronald Mooij joined the Dutch copyright societies BUMA and STEMRA where he held various positions finally as Managing director of STEMRA responsible for the administration of Mechanical rights in the Netherlands. During his work period at the Dutch societies Ronald Mooij has been responsible for:

  • The creation of a marketing department
  • The development of rate systems for various use types
  • The setting up of synchronisation licensing
  • The setting up of a national chart-system to reflect sales of sound-recordings
  • The introduction of an effective programme for the fight against piracy
  • The creation of central licensing systems
  • Various legislative changes such as the home taping levies and the revision of the copyright act
  • The complete overhaul of the administrative sytems of the mechanical rights society.
  • The creation of the collective licensing society KCI in Indonesia

In addition to his activities within BIEM Ronald Mooij has kept an interest in education and is still a member of the board of arbitration of a high-school in the Netherlands.

Ronald Mooij

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