Ursula Yovich

Ursula Yovich graduated from the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts in Perth 1996, where she specialised in songwriting, singing and acting.

Immediately after graduation she was chosen to appear in the Belvoir St. Theatre production of The Governor's Family followed by a lead role in NIDA'S Nathaniel Storm for the Festival of the Dreaming. During the festival she was also a resident singer at the festival club Bar Badu.

1998 saw Ursula performing at the Adelaide Festival in the stage production of Natural Life based on the best selling novel For The Term Of His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke. For her performance in this play she was nominated for best supporting female role at The Green Room Awards for that year.

In 1999 she moved her home base to Sydney and appeared in the QLD Theatre Company's production of The Sunshine Club, which subsequently performed at The Sydney Opera House under the auspices of the Sydney Theatre Company in early 2000. For her portrayal of the feisty yet vulnerable character Pearl , Ursula was nominated for best performance in a musical role at The Glugs Awards.

Amongst her busy theatrical schedule Ursula has still found the time to involve herself in other projects. She has been a featured subject in the ABC indigenous TV series: Songlines in 1997 as well as appearing on Message Stick, both of which focussed on her singing and songwriting abilities. As a result, two of her songs featured on the Songlines and Sending A Message albums, which were released through ABC enterprises.

2004 saw her release her EP Sketches.

Ursula Yovich

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